Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

The teeth can become stained and discolored over the years due to the foods and beverages we consume, as well as other lifestyle habits. Your white smile can become dull and unimpressive, making you lose confidence and self-assurance. You may also start smiling less, feeling embarrassed about the appearance of your teeth. If your pearly whites have lost their sparkle, teeth whitening procedures may be able to restore their former shine. Professional teeth whitening is very well within your means and can restore your beautiful smile speedily and at a reasonable cost.

What is primarily involved in the Teeth Whitening Procedure?

There are various types of teeth whitening procedures available; however, the typical steps are as follows:

  • First, your teeth will be cleaned and examined by the dentist.
  • Images of your teeth will be taken to monitor your improvement and document the shade of your teeth.
  • In order to expose your teeth, a cheek retractor will be placed in your mouth.
  • The gums will be protected with a liquid application.
  • The whitening gel will be applied, left on for a specific duration, and then removed.
  • The effectiveness of your whitening gel may be enhanced with the help of a special light.
  • If required, the whitening gel may be applied a couple of times till the desired effect is achieved.
  • At the end of the procedure, your teeth will be brightened according to your wants.

Why is it best to have Professional Whitening Treatments done?

Although at-home whitening kits are available for use at home, they cannot be compared with the quality and results achieved from a professional teeth bleaching performed by a dentist. Professional Teeth whitening is highly customized for your mouth and individual needs and is performed after your dentist has examined your teeth and taken digital scans or X-rays.

The whitening solution used in professional whitening treatments is more concentrated to have more dramatic results in less time. The procedure will be more comfortable and safer as your dentist continuously monitors you. Professional whitening can be the perfect solution if you have deep-rooted stains that are not caused by medications. The whitening effects also last longer as compared to the home whitening treatments.

How should you take care of your whitened teeth?

  • After the teeth whitening procedure, one should reduce the intake of food and drinks that stain the teeth.
  • Consider using a straw for beverages that might stain so as to avoid direct contact with your teeth
  • Smoking should be stopped.
  • After you consume stain-causing drinks or foods, brush and rinse your mouth quickly.

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