PFM Restorations

PFM Restorations

Porcelain fused to metal, also referred to as PFM, is a standard dentistry restoration practice performed to bring back your beautiful smile. Nowadays, crowns are the most common type of tooth restoration used. If there has been damage to teeth, they can still be saved by strengthening them with crowns. The crowns offer a reasonably economical way to reinforce the strength of your teeth as well as restoring their natural look.

PFM restorations comprise a mixture between all-metal and all-ceramic dental crowns. This is because they are made out of a combination of both materials. A metal alloy is made use of to make a very slim cap that fits cozily over the tooth. Porcelain is then fused over the metal structure to give it the shape of a crown.

PFM crowns are perfect because they have an excellent balance between esthetics and flexibility. The metal portion that makes up the core structure of the restoration provides long-lasting durability, while the porcelain layer on the outer surface gives it a natural look.

What can you expect during the fitting of a PFM Restoration?

The teeth will be cleaned before the start of the procedure, and the outer layer is gently removed for bonding. An impression of your teeth will be captured and sent to the dental lab. The PFM restoration will be made in a shade that matches your natural teeth. Once done, the restoration is sent back, and then the fitting, as well as permanent bonding, takes place.

What are the advantages of PFM Restorations?

  • The PFM restorations are nearly as strong as the natural tooth. These restorations benefit from having a base made from a metallic alloy. As a result, they have the strengths of natural teeth, and there are no restrictions on the food you can eat.
  • They are exceptionally stable as the base of the PFM restorations is fused to the porcelain cover, and hence there will be no movement.
  • The PFM restorations are visually appealing. They are made of a combination of a solid metal base with an attractive natural-looking outer cover that is pleasing to the eyes. After a few days, these restorations will start to feel like your own natural teeth.
  • These restorations are long-lasting and durable. The PFM crowns can last for a longer duration as both the constituents used in its fabrication are robust. 

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