Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are replacement teeth that restore a few missing teeth in a patient's mouth. These dentures are supported by the surrounding tissues in the oral cavity and help replace a few missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Partial dentures deliver a proper solution when the other teeth in your mouth are healthy.

When would you need Partial Dentures?

The bite pressure will begin to shift when a person has several missing teeth. A person's bite can get affected even when one tooth is missing. In order to fill up the gap, the other teeth in the mouth will begin to shift. Some people may also experience the shrinking of the bone near the gap and the soft tissues. This shrinking can also cause problems for the rest of the teeth in your mouth and your appearance. A partial denture will support your gums, jawbone, and facial muscles and keep them in proper working condition.

What is the procedure involved in Partial Dentures?

As a first step, the patient's natural teeth must be restored to a healthy state before going ahead with the fabrication of a partial denture that fits properly. Once the dentist is satisfied with the condition of the existing teeth, the impressions of the jawbone are taken and sent to a lab for the fabrication of the denture. Once the final product is received, the dentist can make adjustments as required for their final fit.

The partial dentures cannot be secured to teeth that are in danger of being lost due to dental infection or decay. Therefore, it must be confirmed that the patient's remaining teeth that are supposed to serve as anchor teeth for the partial denture must be as healthy as possible. In case of any decayed teeth, the dentist may recommend that the same may be extracted. After ensuring the patient's anchor teeth are stable, impressions are taken to prepare the partial denture. The lab then fabricates the customized dentures, and the shade of the artificial teeth is matched with that of the patient's natural teeth. Once the dentures are ready, the patient can try them out and let the dentist know if any spots feel rough or need to be adjusted.

The patient may take a few weeks to get adjusted to the wearing of the partial dentures. If any adjustments are needed to be carried out, they can be made in the following weeks of the initial delivery. All this while, the patient should be instructed on caring for the partial denture at home. The dentures should be removed before going to bed and kept in a rinsing liquid.

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