Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are customized appliances that help rectify any bite issues you may have, which impede your speech and chewing ability. If your teeth have incurred severe damage or decay, a simple filling will not be able to salvage them. The affected tooth may be retrieved by securing it with a crown. When a single tooth is lost, a bridge can be made to fill the gap. The dental crowns and bridges can last for up to ten-fifteen years with diligent oral care and regular dental check-ups.

What advantages do the Crowns and Bridges offer?

The various advantages of Crowns and Bridges include the following:

  • Enhanced Appearance:Most people take their smiles for granted until they undergo a problem with their teeth. One may feel more than a little insecure if they have even minor defects in their teeth. Crowns and bridges not only help reinstate your appearance but also help you feel good about your smile. A crown is generally suggested if you have a discolored tooth or desire changes in the length or shape of a tooth. Bridges help fill the breaches in your teeth, thereby renovating your smile.
  • Better Chewing:It can become hard to chew easily if there is a loss of multiple teeth or damage to a tooth. A person may start avoiding healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, and meat when they find it difficult to bite or chew. And this may ultimately lead to nutritional deficiencies. A crown or a bridge will make chewing more manageable and also keep you in good health.
  • Durable Teeth:The fragile teeth that have become weaker due to aging, cracks, root canal procedure, trauma, or large fillings can be stabilized and protected with the assistance of crowns.
  • Pain-Free: A crown will extend protection for the damaged teeth and consequently remove any pain and sensitivity.

How are the Crowns and Bridges placed?

Crowns and bridges are custom-made dental restorations. During the initial consultation, a systematic diagnosis of your mouth will be carried out to decide if crowns and bridges would be the appropriate solution for your problems. If you are found suitable for the restorations, the dentist will prepare you for the digital mold. This will be done by removing a thin layer of enamel to provide space for the restoration, and a highly detailed impression is taken with the aid of a digital scanner.

The captured impression will be sent to a dental laboratory where the crown or bridge will be manufactured. This normally takes a couple of days, after which the restoration will be secured to the affected region. The teeth will be cleaned meticulously by the dentist, and an etching solution will then be applied in order to roughen their surface. By doing so, the dentist will make sure that the restoration adheres firmly to the teeth. The restoration will finally be polished to make it appear natural, and a bite test will also be taken.

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