Bite Guards

Bite Guards

Bite guards are mouth guards created to keep the upper and lower teeth separate while a person is sleeping. This oral appliance provides protection to your teeth from the effects of bruxism or clenching of teeth. This appliance is also known as a nightguard because teeth-grinding incidents often take place during sleep.

What are Bite Guards?

The bite guards are small pieces of plastic that are designed to fit firmly around your teeth. They are pretty small and are typically made of clear plastic so that they will not be visible when you wear them. Hence they are beneficial for those people who are self-conscious about the appearance but at the same time want to save their teeth.

What are the advantages of wearing a Bite Guard?

The advantages of a bite guard include the following:

  • Reduce Discomfort:Early morning tooth pain and headaches are caused by night-time teeth-grinding. It can be a sign that you need to wear a bite guard while sleeping if you are regularly experiencing pain or feeling a lot of discomforts. A person can feel significantly better after wearing the guard for just a few days. It will be very helpful if you wear it regularly before going to sleep. There is no way to tell precisely what causes people to grind their teeth, while some amount of grinding may be caused by tension or stress. That is why it is vital to continue using the bite guard.
  • Stop damage:Teeth grinding could eliminate the need for various cosmetic works you may need in the future to repair or improve the appearance of your teeth. Teeth grinding can make your teeth crack, chip, or wear down, and as a result, the will teeth flatten, exposing the nerves and dentin. This can also cause sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. If the damage continues, the recession of the gums will occur, and the teeth will also become loose. If you use a bite guard, this potential damage can be avoided when your upper and lower teeth will not be able to grind against each other.
  • Treating TMJ:TMJ disorders can be caused due to severe grinding or clenching of the jaws. This can be extremely uncomfortable, typically starting as a sore jaw in the morning with an occasional headache. Therefore, you must treat TMJ early by wearing a bite guard and stopping the teeth' grinding in your sleep. If left untreated, TMJ can become severe, and some people will find it difficult even to open their mouths. 

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