Why Are Dental Cleanings Necessary?

Posted by WINNING SMILES FAMILY DENTISTRY on Mar 17 2023, 11:52 PM

Professional teeth cleanings are an essential part of maintaining your oral health. They help you maintain good oral health and prevent dental issues like cavities and gum disease. Poor oral hygiene can lead to serious dental issues.

What Involves In a Dental Cleaning?

This preventive treatment aims to remove plaque and tartar buildup along your gum line, which, if left untreated, can eventually lead to gum disease. Your dentist will use special scaling tools to get rid of this buildup from your teeth and along the gum line. Once this process is complete, they will also polish your teeth to leave you with a cleaner-looking smile. This can help prevent tooth decay and cavities while also preventing bad breath as well.

How Often Should I Have a Dental Cleaning?

The American Dental Association recommends having your teeth professionally cleaned every six months. However, you may need more frequent visits if your dentist sees signs of decay or gum disease. The exact frequency will depend on the health of your teeth, so talk to your dentist to determine your personalized timeline. They may recommend seeing your dentist every three to four months if you have had extensive dental work or are in poor health.

Your dentist can also use x-rays to look at the health of your teeth and jawbone. The x-rays will help them determine if there are any cavities hiding between the teeth that are not yet visible to the naked eye. They can also see if there is bone loss due to disease or infection.

What Other Benefits Do I Get From Having a Dental Cleaning?

Many patients don’t realize that professional teeth cleanings are so much more than just polishing your teeth and removing surface stains and plaque buildup. While those are important aspects of getting your teeth cleaned, there are actually several other benefits of having your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis. 

When you come in for your scheduled dental appointment, your dentist will take x-rays of your mouth in order to look for any signs of tooth decay or disease. Early detection is key to treating these problems before they can cause any significant damage to your teeth. Your dentist will also examine the gums for signs of gum disease and provide you with a professional deep cleaning to remove tartar buildup on your teeth to keep your smile healthy and bright.

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